Stefan Burdea

My name is Ștefan Burdea and I sense that the future of shoes sounds very good. I’m one of those people who believe in the perfect balance between comfort and true style. I am a shoe designer who believes in the power of art, culture, fame and elegance. I like to make things by hand: custom shoes. Varied patterns, colors and combinations that cultivate the idea of masculine elegance.
Because every day begins with a new beginning. And we men need to carry our own story. A refined and unique one that is reflected in the attitude and outfit! For the story to fully resonate with our personality and outfit, we need to pair it with a lovely pair of shoes.

This is where I enter the scene. Precisely because over the years I’ve wondered why people don’t want to express their own vision in shoes that are dedicated to them and last for years. That means personal choice, contentment and style!
Thus, I set out with great gusto to create authentic custom-made shoes for people. I’m talking about shoes that fascinate men, steal women’s eyes and exude authenticity. With the utmost attention to detail, I support and advise men who understand that a quality shoe is worth a good price, regardless of budget. Because a well-defined style equals a totally different shoe!

I am one that puts a strong focus on the future and offers men a range of options. My goal is to make men take a good look at themselves and their legs. Because the presence of a stylish shoe on our feet is like nothing at all. It’s a pleasure to wear a pair of shoes that fits you perfectly. Shoes made by me make any man confident and seductive. Regardless of the event, any appearance becomes memorable!

Let’s wear real shoes with me!

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